When Sandy made photography the subject of her high-school graduation work in arts, she was far from aware that, one day, it would turn into her profession. However, since she had started shooting already at the age of fifteen, she had already discovered the "extremely interesting and flexible nature of this media". It was only later when, as a radio host for music specials, she was re-selling her interviews to magazines and started to do the accompanying images herself. For her, that was just a good way to "complement the image, the artist had drawn of himself in the previous interview". Today, Sandy is mostly shooting artist portraiture and live music. But since her preference lies clearly in portraiture, almost anyone around her is likely to fall victim of her digital (SLR) and analogue (medium format) camera array. "Artist portraiture" she says, "is very often subject of a frenetic deadline. Promotion time is limited, so you have to be spontaneous and work with whatever situation you're confronted with at the location you have been asked to come to. So, it remains a real challenge to make the best of what you find, come hell or high water. I'm always trying to introduce my own ideas, if possible. Sometimes I have a ready idea or make my own accessories to literally direct a scene that's already in my head." Being a huge fan of photographers like David LaChapelle or Richard Avedon, it's quite obvious where that attitude is coming from. "I really admire those two: Avedon for his fashion works as much as for the way he's visually putting the finger on social issues. And LaChapelle for his perfect pop art approach. However, I'd never dare and copy their styles. At the end of the day, I'm only trying to make the best of my means and measures." Go find the results here….

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